What are the IoT Innovator Awards?

IoT Innovator Awards recognize excellence in various areas of Internet of Things. There are multiple categories including Company, Product, Project, Leadership, and Marketing. There are separate awards for different International geographies including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Each category will have Gold, Silver, Bronze winners unless there are not enough entries for a specific award.

What do winners get?

All Nominees and Winners will be featured prominently on the IoT Innovator Website, promoted through the email and social media channels of the hosts, and will be given use of the Award Icons on their sites, press template, and a plaque or medal depending on their placement. In addition, winners and finalists will have an option to have an article written about the company and the award for an additional fee.

Who is allowed to nominate a company or product?

Nominations can be submitted by the company personnel, PR agencies, marketing agencies, or anyone else as long as the formal form on the website is filled out and fees paid.

What time periods qualify for the project and marketing categories?

The project or marketing campaign should have been implemented any time in 2016 and through April, 2017.

How much does it cost to enter?

Please see the Fees section on the Awards page.

Can I submit my entry into more than one category?

Yes as long as there is a separate submission for each category

When will Winners Be Announced?

Please see the timelines section to see the finalists and winner announcement dates.

Do You Hold An Event To Present The Awards?

We are planning to host an Awards Winners event in Beverley Hills, CA. More details to follow.

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