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Arxan Wins 2016 IoT Innovator Awards in Four Different Categories

by Kim Kay All good things must come to an end, as the old adage goes, but that’s clearly not the case when those things are of the Internet of Things variety and when they involve Arxan, an application attack-prevention […]

2016 IoT Innovator Awards Winners Revealed

The 2016 IoT Innovator Awards honor the best of Internet of Things businesses and individuals across the globe. “Our international panel of judges heartily congratulates the winners of the 2016 IoT Innovator Awards,” said Kim Kay, editor-in-chief of IoT Innovator. […]

IoT Delivers Competitive Advantage for Customer Service Organizations

by Holly Simmons Every company wants to provide superior customer service.   However, with changing consumer needs, advances in technology, and the transition from a product-centric landscape to everything-as-a-service, companies are struggling to deliver the best service possible. In a recent […]

The Future of the Connected – and Safe – Vehicle

by Peter Byrne This article is the second in a two-part series. A term that is very familiar in the insurance industry is first notice of loss, or FNOL. This is the process through which an insurance provider is informed […]

IoT’s Role in Auto Safety

by Peter Byrne This article is the first in a two-part series. An Introduction to Today’s Connected Vehicle Today’s connected car can read your text messages, provide directions to the nearest sushi restaurant, and even parallel park for you. Yet […]

What Star Trek can teach us about IoT Security: Part Two

by Brian Kenyon This article is the second in a two-part series. Read the first part here. When employees walk into your office, they no longer just bring a briefcase. Today, employees walk in the door and connect to your […]

Debunking the Myth: Third-party Transceivers and the Manufacturer’s Warranty

by Tom Chantrell At the heart of most copper and fiber Ethernet networks lies a critical modular, pluggable and interchangeable device: the network transceiver. The “need for speed” demanded by the age of Internet of Things (IoT) will require faster […]

What Star Trek can teach us about IoT Security

by Brian Kenyon This article is the first in a two-part series. Read the second part here. Resistance is futile. IoT is here to stay and enterprises have to prepare for the security implications. Let’s geek out for a moment. […]

IoT Organizational Readiness for Multiunit Industrial Enterprises

by Mark Benson Although it has been known under different names over many years, the Internet of Things (IoT) is suddenly the thing. The ability to connect, remotely manage, and monitor networked devices via the Internet is becoming pervasive. And […]

What do Smart Home Customers Really Want?

by Cees Links There have been numerous articles, studies, and surveys that have informed the tech industry that consumers want to be able to control the home’s AC and heating, lighting, security, and the various other systems that make a […]

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