National Institutes of Health releases Fitbit project as initial digital health technology initiative in All of Us Research Program

Wearables brand Fitbit and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched on Wednesday the Fitbit Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) project, a digital health technology initiative for the All of Us Research Program. Fitbit users currently enrolled in the program can now choose […]

Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics will now integrate with SAS analytics to enhance level of customer insight

Inpixon, an indoor positioning and data analytics company, announced Wednesday a technology integration collaboration with SAS, a vendor of advanced analytics software (SAS) that enables SAS to integrate Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) and metrics into the SAS dashboard and […]

HPE joins with biotechnology startup Jungla to facilitate precision medicine through memory-driven computing

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced on Tuesday a collaboration with biotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI) startup Jungla to enable real-time personalized medical care for patients. By applying the large-capacity and exponential performance scaling of HPE’s memory-driven computing Sandbox to Jungla’s […]

GE Healthcare debuts applications and smart devices for healthcare segment built on Edison, its next generation intelligence platform

GE Healthcare announced on Saturday new applications and smart devices built on Edison – a platform that helps accelerate the development and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and empower providers to deliver faster, more precise care. Edison is part […]

MemSQL 6.7 database enterprises of all sizes to do more with less, faster and more easily

MemSQL announced on Tuesday a new version of its database that is faster, simplifies cluster monitoring, and provides a free tier that offers full product capabilities for anyone to use in production. MemSQL 6.7 empowers businesses of all sizes across […]

Verana Health debuts cloud-based software applications to accelerate life science insights; improve patient care

Verana Health announced on Thursday debut of several cloud-based software applications that feature near real-time insights for physicians and life science companies. These applications apply advanced analytics to information from the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s IRIS Registry to accelerate product […]

First Health Advisory, Zingbox team up to offer comprehensive management solution for connected healthcare assets

First Health Advisory Solutions (First), vendor of medical device security services, and Zingbox, provider of healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform, announced a partnership to provide a comprehensive security and operations solution for connected healthcare assets. The unified approach, […]

Accenture builds VR game on SAP Cloud Platform using SAP Leonardo to enhance therapy options for people with amputations

Accenture has built an application on SAP Cloud Platform using SAP Leonardo technologies and virtual reality to help amputees overcome challenges when confronted with phantom limb pain, it announced this week. The application will be donated by Accenture to hospitals […]

BlackBerry Spark delivers its Enterprise of Things outlook to the healthcare sector to improve patient outcomes

BlackBerry Limited announced on Thursday new partnerships and customer-driven projects that have a shared aim of transforming the global delivery of patient care enabled by the Enterprise of Things (EoT), followed the announcement of its BlackBerry Spark platform. BlackBerry’s Spark […]

Zingbox finds trend in cyber attacks targeting connected medical IoT devices and their patients

Zingbox, provider of healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform, announced Wednesday new research demonstrating that hackers are leveraging error messages from connected medical devices — including radiology, X-ray and other imaging systems — to gain valuable insights. These insights […]

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